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More and more children wear prescription glasses

“There are more than 20 per cent students wear small glasses, which I have never since I began a teacher in kindergarten.” Miss White told me once I picked up my child. Now I can see an increasing number of children wearing glasses in kindergarten. “They used to be farsighted or astigmatism, but now most of the children have become shortsighted” said my family doctor, she called my attention to my child’s poor eyesight and I had better buy high-quality prescription glasses for my little son.

From then on, I began hunting for a professional hospital that can really help improve my son’s eyesight. However, to my disappointment, they merely told me some cut-and-dried opinions: apart from watching cartoons, many students are highly interested in computers, which give children much more fun than TV. It is true that some children operates computers even more expertly than their parents, but with the increase of age, a lot of parents would rather children read more books or do more calculating exercises, which directly leads to children’s poorer eyesight.

One Saturday when I was surfing the Internet, I found one expert claimed that playing computer games, playing the piano, playing chess, even drawing can give rise to poor eyesight. In other words, they believe use eyes for a long time to see things near would cause short eyesight. Meanwhile, improper use of glasses can weaken the eyesight. Therefore I decided to buy a high-quality prescription glasses for my little son to protect his eyes. Without too much free time to go shopping, I have no choice but to purchase prescription glasses online.

When I first log in the website, one pair of yellow kids’ glasses impressed me, and I searched more information about this online discount prescription glasses store. The price of the glasses store is much lower than other stores, and there are various colors and design, you can also try them on in the virtual fitting room, which is extraordinarily like buying glasses in a retail store. Now my little son has worn his new prescription glasses and he feels more comfortable than before. I now read more books to him and prepare some activities for him in order to relieve the tiredness of eyes. Every day I make his life regular and reduce daily use of eyes to keep the health of his eyes.

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